Does The Truth Change When An “Immoral” Woman Speaks It?

To decide if a woman should be allowed to speak, we excavate her morality. If she says she was raped, we talk about her multiple sexual partners and how that makes her story implausible. When she says she was harassed, we talk about the fact that she drinks alcohol. When I spoke about the army, they asked how a “modern” bisexual woman could possibly be believed? But I ask, does the truth change when an “immoral” woman speaks it?

Written by Aarushi Ahluwalia.

A few years ago I wrote a series of pieces about abortions. While some of the pieces were about the laws and medical processes involved in choosing to undergo a medical or surgical termination of pregnancy, a few others were about my personal experience with abortion. I wrote the personal pieces because the doctor I had seen not only shamed me for my choices but refused to…

Point blank if a womans lips are moving or hands are writing her words just like a mans should be questioned. Listen and belive just leads to any man who scorned her to be arrested because she made a unverifyable claim against him…..Let a man be assulted by a woman the full force of the state powers will defend her and mock him … A real man is not assaulted by a woman . Women are victims never men that is the lie feminists tell the world . Man evil unless he subgatates himself to female rule. Women are virtuious and never lie cheat or steal. Women teachers or gaurds never sexual abuse school age boys or males in minor detenion centers . Males can not be raped by any female ….But all women will face rape in her life be it stare rape fart rape or a drunken hook up she later regrets … Evil exists in both genders yes only 2 genders exist

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