My thoughts on the Communist Sub Redit Anti Work

So the sub redit anti work has been gaining popularity where tons of entitled spoiled brats complain about wanting a free ride in life. They never have to work again for anything ever they want all needs and high end good provided for them by the government . Never work for food,shelter,clothing, or any expencive goods ie Tv’s computers and gaming systems they want all of that just given to them because they are Lazy and entitled The daft cunt who runs a commie feminist page here Likely supports shit like UBI and Communism

I am a older millennial ie 35 and all this communist golbbyguck of anti work bullshit angers me to a insane level. Nobody owes you a free ride wanna eat have a home and nice things well you are going to have to work hard. I was a football player in hs took lots of hard work earned a scholarship to college but a injury first season took that away …. Guess what did I cry and feel sorry for myself no I worked 2 jobs to afford my college and housing. I took a full load of classes and got a good job out of college I worked my way up and learned new skills while working then at the begining of covid I left to start my own small company I work 10 times as hard as I did when I worked for another company . People lack work ethic want a good life work hard .

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