On the Ohio FBI Shooting

Well It is no big suprise that the leftist media as well as the resident Far left male feminist Benny the Brit who has TDS by the way.They are trying to use this shooting at the Corupt as fuck FBI to smear all Trump voters / people who prefer him to our Current Resident Demented circus monkey in the Whitehouse . Now as much as I am anti FBI I do not condone attacking them . Gettng violent with any federal law enforcement agency will only harm our cause , We must remain stead fast and Rational . We all know this nation was stolen and we have been lied to about who the rightful winner of 2020 election was . As well as we all know that the People still being held as political prisoners from jan 6 are being abused by the Biden DOJ . This Raid of Trump’s property in FL was a unpresidented political attack by the FBI and DOJ. Now it seem Trump may or may not have had some declassified documents in a secured room on said property . If the documents were so important why wait over a year to collect them? Why not request Trump and his legal consultants return said docments in a proper way. No they had to make it a politcal spectical . Further more the guy who attacked the FBI was unhinged at the time he did what he did Donald Trump did not order this man to do this despite what ben wants to claim . I disavow all attacks on federal employees done by civilians . I say do not attack them but if you have to defend your life from their attacks under the Bannnana republic we curently reside in do so swiftly once they fire opon / invade your home.

Yes do love how you conflate all Trump supporters with this unhinged man who attacked the FBI building , Lolsy no Trump should not as Trump did not order this man to such a act so fucking stop acting as if this was done on his order you danm cunts

Well democrats have crossed the Rubicon

They have pretty much started a war with the American Right never in history has a current sitting President gone this far to unjustly attack his polictical rivial

After last night the FBI raid of A Trump property … Defund and abolish every FBI CIA ATF and IRS office strip it all back ,They ie the left has fired the shot heard around the world . This is a information and Culture war that has hit Critical meltdown . If you consider yourself a right wing / modreate or even independant person you have to stand up and make your voice heard FIGHT LIKE HELL , NO violence until they become Violent with you we must be Strong, a line was crossed a bell was rang that can never be undone It’s gut check time . If you wanna keep your head down just know I have less respect for you. If you cheer on this FBI Raid and Weaponizing of the DOJ / FBI We no longer are friends we are combatants, I will not strike first but the knife you plung in my back will be used to go at your face . I do not do things behind the backs of others I make many of my moves in the open this is my Declatration of intent

Ben opened his clap trap below is my comment he is to much of a fucking pussy to post on his page

Oh how I love when mental migets on the left from the UK opine upon Us Political and legal things . Its not much more the the further weaponzation of the DOJ and FBI Commander /the pedo in Chef along with his Democrat handlers . If they found anything he took wrongly you think they would not say so by this point … They found fuck all and are just trying to put the screws to Trump in hopes he will not run and win in 2024 out of Fear ,If in 2020 if they did not play shady games ie voter fraud / dead people voting people voting 2 or more times ballot harvesting as well as the unlawful massive mail in voting . I myself had ballots sent to 3 of my former addresses 2 of them at states I no longer live at but had mail forwarded to the correct address
When Trump or Desantis wins in 2024 Nothing less than the full bore desolvment of all of the FBI CIA ATF NSA and fuck it IRS will be enough to solve the massive issue we have in our Government and Bureaucracy

a quick reply

Yeah be gay trans non binary if you want cool no issue just do not groom children into your idealogy , Sorry abortion is murder even if you are not christian , It is the intentional ending of a human life that the vile woman views as a parasite and such should have all future children taken since she can not be trusted to not kill them Ben seems to hate any person who is not of his world view ie far left feminist thinking abortion is moral and that grooming children by gays is acceptable look how he refuses to talk about Ezra miller issue Well benny the brit had to comment

“Clearly I live in your head rent-free now.” No pal Just calling out how you view non leftist / people who have some kind of religious faith as lesser or as dumb because they may value different aspects of human existance . FYI you nor anyone are entittled to a certain quality of life. Want a better quality of life work hard for it if you were not born into wealth . I will say if you are born in any modren weatern nation you are have a vastly higher quality of life than 90% of all people who existed i the last 100 years even the working poor have luxuries our ancestors could only dream of . If you have a roof ovr your head food to eat as well as access to technology of smart phones or a computer . See I piss you off because your claims of me being a dumb christian or being racist / sexist fall on death ears. Men like me do not fear the opinions of sheep like you

AishBen Berwick

Allah’s existence is not ‘my version’. Its all around us if you are willing to believe, which you are clearly not.

As far as homosexuality is concerned, Allah has condemned it, its a sin. And there is nothing you can say that can change my mind about it.

So, just end the conversation here.

Dude your faith is that of terrorists . All 3 abrohamic faiths have really bad aspects and teachings . Calling anything a sin is simply a manipulation / control tactic . Let people be gay trans or whatever , If the truth you claim is real that is their issue to face in the after life ONLY Time a persons sexual orentation or kink should matter is if they are grooming minors or violating another person consent . Then its our legal system that should sort them out / but if the system is lacking or unwilling to punish then I say street justice for pedos and real rapists . I do not care if the pedo is male female straight or gay they should be removed from society / from the ability to breathe

Why people have some hero worship for Trump but did not like most other Republicans

First off, fuck joe biden! But all of a sudden people give a shit about politics. I wanna know where all you people were before your lord and savior Donald Trump was president. Cuz for sure there was no Bush flags or Bush cults……
Let me explain why most people did not have the kind of hero worship of Trump has had / has currently Most republican save for very few where all neo con big machine big government types Bush was the first president in my life I had a chance to either vote for or against I turned 18 in 04 , I was still caught up in hating muslim terrorists and still bought into the war on terror( I was not yet a rep more middle of the road dem cause of how I grew up) I knew bit about politics and how much I did not like big government .

I have pretty much always distrusted the gov and police. In 04 I may have voted Bush but not because I liked most any of his plans but because the war on terror retoric . I regretted voting in 04 I can remember that , In 08 I know I was anti Obama part due to his race admittedly part due to some of his scoialist kind of plans for America . In 08 I did not vote for Him nor the Republican I wrote in Ron Paul.

See until Trump no republican spoke to me on that hey they might actually give a damn about us middle class average American who was working their ass off. I was for Trump pretty much from the get go when he started running , He and Rand Paul had my support I figured Trump was a long shot and some corperate shill neo con like canidate was going to be the rep nom , To my utter shock and delight he pulled out a win thrugh pure name value and having the right mix of pissing off the left as well as pissing off the more traditional big machine conservatives . I was proud to vote for Trump in both the primary and in 2016, Trump was and is the most brash speaks his mind canidate I have seen in my life . Is he a perfect man fucking hell no he let some aspects of Presidency be ruled by neo con infiltrators ie Mitch McConnell and others .Him doing the Stimulas bills at the end of his presidency while yes people were suffering during covid also led to some of out current inflation issues , Biden and dems only made things much worse. His stance on certain aspects of gun control pissed me off ie bump stock bans and alike.

( I have always been a pro 2 a guy even when I was more democrat leaning ) I grew up knowing about guns my grandpa who I got to know at 11 taught me some and before him my uncle taught me how to shoot and about gun safety , Helping him in summer on his farm from the age of 8 I kinda had to know how to both shoot and do so safely . Rattle snakes coyotes and ferral hogs all dangerious to a kid working on a farm.

But anyway , Trump knew how to speak to people like me who hatted the SJW’s Feminists and Leftists . Was a early on Alt right guy loved Milo for his outragious character ( latter to find out how much of a grifter he was ) I was watching Alex Jones quite regularly during the Trump campagin , Started only watching clips of Jones in 2012 . I surly hope Trump runs and wins in 2024 because we need that brash bull in a china shop style take no prisoners swamp busting revenge seekling leader again.

Is Trump a petty child time to time ?YES , Does he let his ego get the better of him even to his own detroment? OH HELL YES. But is he the hero we need right now? IN MY OPINION FUCK YES .

Ron DeSantis the Govenor of Flordia is a great choice as well but I rather he become president in 2028 after Trups rightful second term to fix all the Bullshit the current Democrats have done to this Country .

Que Ben from COB https://coalitionofthebrave.wordpress.com To use this to call me all sorts of evil thing like Racist right wing facist anti LGBTQA+ While infact I am fine with gays and trans people living how they want providing they are not forcing others via compeled speech to call them a made up gender trem / pro noun and as long as they are not activly trying to groom minors into sexual depravity ie Drag shows for kids Tranny story hour at schools telling the more odd kids they are trans just because that kid is different than their peers

My thoughts on Lauren Southern new vid

Lauren I do miss the good ole days of the so called alt right its figures such as you milo PJW Alex Jones Stephen Molyneux Steven Crowder hell Even Ben Sharpio and many others that made me more willing to speak my mind on Topics weather I am right or wrong . I miss the good ole days of destroying the libs with facts and logic as well as dank memes . I am more right wing now in my 30s than I ever was before . I also hold some old school liberal values . Right is right wrong is wrong thats the under current of truth . I think all sides should be critical of their own tribe because if you do not call out the bad actors on your side then your side rots and loses it’s honesty . I am MGTOW who does not hate women I hate what our society has both allowed and told them to become . I gave up on dating in 2012 . I used to want a wife and kids the whole normal thing . But a bad break up and subsequent looking into the bad acts by women in politics / feminism has turned me off of wanting that . Lauren If I ever bought into the lies told about you by other right wing men I am sorry. You speaking your side gave me a much needed wake up call . Chicka you got more balls than some of the grifter men will ever have

Well a shit lib condoned Political violence on bens page

Her comment “How many leftists have actually tried to harm you, maybe it’s just you, lol”

My replly incase Ben does not allow me to respond to her bullshit on his page

Yes just like your ilk to condone violence against anyone not chuging the leftist gabage naritive . As much as I fucking hate you people . Id expect better of the so called Tolerant leftist. How many leftist illeaglly protested infront of Justices homes in the wake of the Roe leak ? Was it not a leftist arrested near Justice Kavanaugh’s home with weapons and burglary tools … Going to most likely correctly assume you and Ben condone this persons actions . To your fucking question I have had property vandalised and Stolen for hanging a Gadsen Flag and a American Flag from my truck and home , The American flag was upside down this was during that Clown Obama’s reign . I have gotten into a bar fight I did not start that time because I said bad things about Hillary and Obama. When I lived still in a big northern city People I had a heated political debate with over Sanders being a out right Socialist came to my home by using location tags on my posts . I came to my door armed Daring them to try it . I don’t play when it comes to protecting my self and my property / my animals maybe your side should be mindful of that when yall wanna play tough commie revolutionaries ….

Be wary of a harmless man for he is lacking in much . Courage firstly among the things he lacks . Courage is not the lack of fear but the willingness to act in spite of fear.



Address his open letter

Do you support unfettered acess to abortion for any and all non medical reason? If yes then in my mnd you are pro killing unborn but stll alive babies.
You see feminism as purly a force for good. I see it as a destructive systematic decay tool to destroy relations between families / men and women.. If it was ever about womens legal rights that would be over and done as women have as many if not more rights in the legal sense..
You seem to see all traditional masculinity as toxic . Even stuff that used to protect women as well as kids. I think more real masculinity is in need as the world turns into morre of a shit show clown world circus . Antifa Blm Janes revenge and Ruth sent us all domestic terror groups a traitor in the white house, Ukrain Ruissa proxy war cuasing even more shortages , The time where being self reliant not relying on government or fulty mismanaged supply chain is fast coming . We disagree totally about guns you can not see past what you have been taught. Nor can I see past the real good guns in the peoples hands can do . A gun in the hands of a person defending their home / life are far better than a whole gang of police on the phone

Benny Benny ben opens his mouth again

Benny Benny ben this is rather rich coming from you. “When he learns to behave like an adult, I might be more inclined to let his comments through, but I doubt he will learn how to behave.” When you say behave and act like an adult I am going to assume you mean agree with everything you and other feminists bleat about. Oh Roe being kicked back to a state level not a federal mandate to allow access to abortion even severly late term ones is not a bad thing… The state that are largly left controled can enact any laws they wish on abortion and More right wing / liberterian focused state can vote to either make abortion banned for non medical reasons or put the legal cap at 12 weeks ie the common international standard from the reading I have done . I much prefer a system where no abortions had to happen but that is not reality .Rape and incest rape happen so do medical reasons to abort . Elective abortions to me are just wrong and I’d love a federal ban on the practice . Yet allowing the people of each state to have say over the laws they wish to inact on this very contentious very polarized topic is to me and most logical people the right way to do this . Move on to your jab about me supporting child murder because I support the right of the people to keep and bare arms is underhanded even for you . Just because I do not support the left wings idea on extreme restriction and or fees as well as storage and carry rules does not mean I think child or innocent people should be shot . I was fucking livid at the whole Texas shooting everything from that 18 year old who was already on the radar of Police and posible FBI Being allowed to purchase the rifle he had . As well as how the police stood down while that pos killed innocent people mostly kids. Making schools gun free zones is ludicris to me . Just makes them a soft target for crazy people with murder ideation . I know damn well if you post this you will edit and take every thing I write out of contex .Oh FYI I am pro choice too just not the choice to kill an unborn person . Controcepton Abstinance Adoption . The choice what to do about a pregnacy should be made before engaging in sex not once a life has be made . Yes this will go on my site you call a echo chamber just because I do not have many comments dont mean people are not reading my stuff ….

Oh to take away a power you think you have on me My given name will be posted on my page with this statement I am removing a power Ben thinks he holds my given name is Aaron …. I rarely use it in normal day to day stuff most know me as Asher , a few women have known me as Bryan while I was in my pump and dump phase of MGTOW no longer condone that kind of stuff .I would not give said women my real name or real contact info they had a burner number for booty calls and my old Twitter account that Benny got to see when I was troling …. Now known as harrasing online Twitter feminst fem bots . I use many names for personal security reasons 1 family want no contact with my bioligical family , 2 I piss people off as a rule doing as that comes with cancel culture mobs wanting to report you to your job , 3 real security risks have had deranged people find my real name and a address of mine and they first tried Swatting me then showed up to my home . Have since moved yet all data you can freely access still has that old adress info .

benny the brit bitch made a straw man

Well ben as usual likes to make a strawman about my understanding of an issue. This time its on the bill of rights. Nice Straw man . I understand a few other parts of the bill of rights . 4 amendment no warrentless search … The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

the 5th a person can not be forced to incriminate or testify against them self No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

6Th person has a right to speedy fair trial by impartial jury of teir so called peers , 8th amendment speaks for it self Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Only Amendment I have deep issue with is the 19th giving women the right to vote as well as own property was a grave mistake let alone allowing them in all areas of the work force . Women should only be allowed very narrow set of jobs and only educated until 9th grade in any state funded school. But I am a misogynist. I hate what men have allowed women to become our great grandfathers would not put up with the Feminist garbage that infect all levels of society